Cryoskin vs. Coolsculpting: What’s the Difference?

paragraph here.Since Coolsculpting and fat-freezing hit the market, science has been looking for ways to improve it. The product of these improvements is Cryoskin: a treatment system that is faster and more effective than Coolsculpting and other cryolipolysis devices available. 

So how does Cryoskin differ from Coolsculpting?

Faster results & more effective


  • Treatments are done each 3 months apart. In most cases you won’t see a reduction in fat until 6 months after the treatment. Only ~22% fat reduction in treated area.


  • Cryoskin fat-freezing treatments are faster than Coolsculpting and are more customisable.
  • Cryoskin technicians hold an instrument that gets cold, then they move it around your targeted areas. Not only can they customise the areas and intensity of the treatments you want, they are able to switch in between two settings on the Cryoskin machine.
  • On average most clients see immediate results with final results appearing 2-3 weeks after treatment. Clinical tests show 44% less visible fat, 86% improvement in body shape, and 100% improvement in skin quality.


Faster results & more effective


  • Procedures are misleadingly painful, with significant post-procedure pain reported, as well as ongoing and significant bruising. A practitioner applies clamps and leaves the room. Many clients are scared or not sure if what they are feeling is okay.
  • As Coolsculpting freezes and kills fat cells without sculpting the area’s contour at the same time, treatments may create an unwanted shelf or indentation. 


  • Most customers describe it as pleasant and some even fall asleep during their session. Treatments are applied with an ultrasound like wand and massage technique.
  • Tests and experience have shown that no other machine is currently capable of such dramatic results as the Cryoskin. These results are due to the fact that the device does not only produce cold but also heat. The exchange within these temperatures has a more dramatic effect on the body’s tissues causing them to drop to subzero temperatures, and when fat tissues reach this temperature they die and are passed through the lymphatic system.
  • The high performance of the Cryoskin renders a longer application unnecessary and thus avoids any risk of deterioration of the surface tissues and in particular the surface nerve receptors which are irreversibly destroyed by the freezing of the suction machines. This in some cases causes severe chemical burns.

More than just fat freezing

Cryoskin has the benefit of offering not just fat-freezing (CryoSlimming) but also CryoToning, which targets skin and cellulite by increasing circulation and collagen production. Pretty cool, right?


  • CoolSculpting: $600-$6,000
  • Cryoskin: $400 single session, 5 session package for $1,750

So how exactly does Cryoskin work?

So we know that Cryoskin can freeze and destroy your fat cells. But what does that mean for you and your results? When the Cryoskin technician runs the the Cryoskin wand over your targeted areas, the cold temperature begins to freeze your fat cells. When the fat cells freeze, they die and are no longer viable cells.

After the treatment completes, your body will begin to detect the dead cells and dispose of them. Basically, your body gathers the dead fat cells and you pee them out as waste! Quick, easy, painless, and highly effective.

Unlike Coolsculpting, nearly all clients are able to see visible results after their first treatment. You may wish to undergo multiple treatments until you reach your desired result.

Where can I get Cryoskin treatment near me?

Looking for Cryoskin in Brisbane? You’re in luck. You don’t have to wait weeks to get into a doctors office or meet with a surgeon. Cryoskin Brisbane has a convenient West End location for you to get your Cryoskin treatments near you. Even more convenient, you can get infrared sauna and lymphatic drainage massage done at The Float Space West End right after your Cryoskin treatments, so you can walk out looking and feeling your absolute best.

Book in a free non-obligatory consultation today to see how we can help you enhance your beauty naturally!




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