How Detoxing Improves Your Cryoskin Results

Toxin overload is the cause of 89% of slow metabolism and a clogged lympathic system is why the majority of women struggle to lose weight. Therefore, adding detoxification methods such as infared sauna or lymphatic drainage massage to your fat freezing treatment plan play an important part in supporting your Cryoskin journey.

The role of the lymphatic system in Cryoskin treatments

A part of the vascular system and an important part of the immune system, comprising a large network of lympathic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart.

The proper functioning of the lympathic system is critical to the body’s ability to drain fluids, detoxify, regenerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substances, and maintain a healthy immune system.

Looking after your lymph system is crucial while on your Cryoskin journey as it will help your body eliminate the broken down fat cells faster. A sluggish lympathic system can make it take longer to see results.

This is why for ALL of our clients, we recommend infared sauna, lympathic massage, floatation therapy, detox tea, lemon water, skin brushing, rebounding and regular exercise as effective forms of lympathic drainage.

Infrared sauna

We are huge proponents of utilising the infrared sauna to move lymph and reach our detox goals. An infrared sauna uses infrared light to create heat which penetrates at a deep tissue cellular level, facilitating in removing toxins, fat and heavy metals from the body, all without the air-clogging steam of a regular or steam sauna. Infrared sauna is also ideal when exercise may not be possible as a 30-minute session burns over 6000kcal and effectively improves circulation and the cardiovascular system.

Introducing this to your Cryoskin cycle and further improve your weight loss, and withdraw far more disrupted adipose tissues than the body otherwise would without this help.

Lymphatic drainage

Noted for its ability to stimulate the body and sustain the movements of its cleansing cycles, the lympathic drain massage is a specalised method that uses specific movements to help move lymph through the body. We highly recommend it to be incorporated into every Cryoskin treatment plan, given that it can account for having insufficient exercise or a historically poor diet through this stimulation.


Float therapy is an easy and meditative method of detoxing your body and sustaining your cleansing cycle at a high level – by increasing the sulphate and magnesium levels in the body, floating in a float tank assists heavily in flushing toxins and unwanted metals.


There are a number of different exercises that improve the health of the cardiovascular system and promote a healthier flow of lymph through the body. Regular exercise is an essential practice to attain the results you want from your fat freezing treatment, and finding one that you enjoy is certainly a good choice for this.

The practice of rebounding is a highly effective method of stimulating the lympathic system and ensure the lymph moves consistently through your body. Rebounding is a number of cardio and strength exercises that involve bouncing on a trampoline with a focus on movement and form. Both entertaining and exhausting, the effect that the fluctuating gravity has as you bounce, from a heavy load at the low point of a bounce to effectively none at the top, is to stimulate the one-way valves of your lympathic system. This purges toxins from your system without stressing the joints, and can be effective for people of any age.

Dry brushing

While exercise and therapy are both excellent methods of making your lymph do detoxifying work, a more ancient and unique method is that of ‘dry brushing’. It involves utilising a brush to swipe over your dry skin to help stimulate the lymphatic system to exfoliate your skin, among other healthy effects.

The lymphatic system requires muscle motion to circulate through the body. If you don’t move on a regular basis, as with most of your muscles, the lymph in your system can become stagnant, and the toxins and waste inside can build up. Using dry brushing, however, stimulates the lymph as movement does, and regular brushing can streamline your lymphatic cycle, leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

What should you do next?

Each of the above methods are excellent choices in tandem with Cryoskin treatments, and using multiple will help optimise your results. Maintaining your lymphatic health and detoxing are very powerful tools, and should be used in some fashion if possible.

To book in for a FREE consultation and get you started on your Cryoskin journey click here, or call us on 0433 408 697, and we will be more than happy to assist you in attaining the health and appearance you desire!

To learn more about floatation, infrared sauna or lymphatic drainage, visit our sister space The Float Space. Special prices are available at The Float Space for our Cyroskin customers – talk to us to learn more.




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