CryoFacelift gives you instant results with no needles, no scalpel and no downtime.

CryoFacelift treatments use cold temperatures to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. The pumping effect of the blood system caused by the alternating of cold and warm increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells, boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

The skin is tightened immediately, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced. The skin pores retract with the cold for a glowing effect. The face appears fresher and younger.

CryoFacelift simultaneously provides a lymphatic drainage that improves the puffiness and illuminates the face. The cold is also anti-inflammatory, thereby may improve skin conditions like acne spots and rosacea.

A session takes 20-30 minutes and results are immediate. It is recommended to do one session every week for 5 weeks, and then 1 session per month for maintenance. This treatment plan will have a cumulative effect and help to maintain a higher production of collagen and elastin.


Single Treatment

1 x Facelift Treatment

Refresh & sculpt your face.

Valid for 6 months


5 pack Treatment

5 x Facelift Treatments

Look younger and more radiant—it’s a face-revival!

Valid for 6 months


SAVE $260

From our amazing clients


First Cryosliming and Cryofacial I saw a big change which has increased with each visit . The shape of my stomach and consistency of cellulite has changed for the better . My face looked more refreshed and was noticeable to friends.