Loose inches rapidly with no effort!

CryoSlimming (Fat Freezing) is a non-invasive procedure that uses a controlled cooling technology to permanently kill fat cells, without surgery. It’s the most effective non-invasive way to permanently remove stubborn fat that is resistant to exercise and eating healthy.

The advantage of Cryoskin Slimming compared to other fat freezing treatments is its safety and effectiveness. Treatments use no suction cups and are pain free and gentle to the skin. One session is only 30-40 minutes and is very comfortable. There is no recovery time and you can do your next session 2 weeks later when the elimination of the dead fat cells is complete.

The treatment eliminates up to 30% of fat cells with each treatment, with results starting from the very first session. It is recommended to do 5-10 sessions to completely treat one body area. Research & Development tests have shows a loss of up to 5 inches in 5 sessions.

It is possible to perform CryoSlimming treatments on almost any part of the body: abdomen, love handles, under butt, inner and outer thighs, double chin, knees, arms, etc.

Single Treatment

1 x Slimming/Fat Freezing Treatment

Reduce fat with our world-class cold treatment.

Valid for 2 months


Intro Pack

5 x Slimming or Toning Sessions

Mix & match your Toning & Slimming sessions as you like.

Valid for 2 months


SAVE $1260

Slim & Tighten Pack

10 x Slimming or Toning Sessions

Mix & match your Toning & Slimming sessions as you like.

Valid for 6 months


SAVE $3510

The Makeover

15x Slimming or Toning Sessions

Sculpt your body – Combat cellulite – Rejuvenate your skin.

Valid for 6 months


SAVE $9750

The Glow Up

20 x Slimming or Toning Sessions

Reach your ultimate body goals & feel amazing in your skin!

Valid for 12 months


SAVE $8010

From our amazing clients


Amazing. I did the slimming on my stomach for three sessions and even though it took about a month to see results, after I had a super flat stomach. But honestly the facials are INCREDIBLE! I had a terrible acne break out this past year that left me with horrific scaring. My dermatologist had prescribed laser treatments for $6000!!!! But with just 5 Cryoskin facials my scaring is almost completely gone.