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ThetaHealing is a powerful mind-body quantum healing technique for resolving emotional and physical struggles. It is a unique method that empowers you to rapidly identify limiting beliefs, dissolve deep-seated blocks and unlock your potential by reprogramming your subconscious mind to re-create your life exactly as you choose.

Feel stuck in life?

Struggling with health challenges or chronic issues?

Seeking fulfilling and harmonious relationships?

Money blockages holding you back from true prosperity?

Battling with past traumas, emotional wounds or anxiety?

Craving a life filled with joy, success and harmony in every way?

ThetaHealing can help you break free from emotional and mental barriers and achieve true balance and happiness in health, career, relationships and beyond.

How Does ThetaHealing Work?

Consider the impact of your unconscious beliefs on your life – health, career, relationships and happiness are all influenced by these deep-rooted patterns.

With ThetaHealing we can download new programs/beliefs and feelings that support your life so you can be empowered to create the life you want to live. ThetaHealing has achieved life-changing transformations by accessing the Divine via connection to the theta state.

Health, wealth and happiness are your birthright, yet many seek them endlessly. Often, hidden beliefs sabotage these dreams. Recent findings in quantum physics validate that your deepest beliefs, attitudes and expectations shape your experiences and the level of success you can expect to experience in any area of your life. ThetaHealing helps you rewrite these beliefs, empowering you to reclaim control over your life.

Heal Quicker and Easier Than Ever Before

Release stress, physical ailments and anxieties with ease.

Live in Harmony with Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Let go of negative belief systems, and replace them with healthy habits and positive emotions, unleashing your best self and cultivating virtues for a fulfilling and successful life.

Manifest Your Reality

Reshape your reality by reprogramming subconscious thoughts and emotions. Unlock the path to success and lasting happiness in all areas of your life.

Is ThetaHealing for Me?

Below are key areas ThetaHealing has been found to help with:

    • Emotional pain, suffering, grief, sorrow, anger, fear etc.
    • Negative Beliefs/Programming
    • Rejection, Regret and Resentment
    • Health issues/illness
    • Weight loss
    • Anxiety
    • Transforming unhealthy behavioural patterns, even addictions.
    • Manifestation
    • Success, attracting money, business
    • Attracting Love

What Makes ThetaHealing Different from Other Methods?

ThetaHealing offers distinctive advantages setting it apart from traditional healing methods:

  • Direct Teaching of New Feelings: ThetaHealing empowers you to energetically teach your body new feelings, such as the sensations of happiness, health and success.
  • Harmony of Spiritual, Physical and Mental States: ThetaHealing provides a direct path to realising your goals in work, finance, love, wellbeing and happiness.
  • Efficiency and Directness: In contrast to time-consuming, invasive techniques, ThetaHealing is powerful, direct and less complicated. A single session has the potential to transform a lifetime of frustration, ushering in a new, joyful existence.

ThetaHealing stands out as a potent and efficient means to instil positive feelings, harmonise life aspects, and catalyse transformative shifts with speed and precision.

What Happens during a ThetaHealing Session?

You can expect me to deeply listen to you, and then ask you a series of questions to help pinpoint the core beliefs that are ready to be transformed and the wounds to be healed energetically. Your truthful and direct responses guide the process, with the understanding that the first thing that comes to mind is valid. Through energy testing, we check and validate the core beliefs that are ready to be changed, always respecting your free will. There is no judgement – I hold you and everyone you know with compassion in my heart so you can feel safe to share openly.

In addition to our dialogue, I may conduct an intuitive body scan to identify imbalances in your body that need harmonising. Throughout this process, I act as a witness to Creator’s healing, ensuring that every step is taken with your full consent and respect for your free will.

ThetaHealing does not replace the need for medical attention/care or tests, and I do not diagnose. If you need to have a follow up examination with your medical practitioner to confirm the healing then I encourage you to do so. This is spiritual/alternative healing – and effectively we are releasing beliefs and feelings that created illness and downloading new beliefs and feelings that can help the body restore to wellness. Results vary, and many people experience big positive shifts in their lives.

Typically, a session lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

Some issues need more “Digging” and exploration to get to the root issue, therefore you may desire more than one session. In our session we will get to the bottom of the real program that is running the show and download new thoughts and feelings to clear out the old energy and bring in new ways of thinking.

About Janina

Janina is an accredited Advanced ThetaHealer with over 20 years of expertise in health and wellness. Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and having published multiple peer-reviewed research papers, her experience spans across health promotion, nutrition studies, fitness, and yoga. As a former competitive athlete and owner of three float and wellness centres, she seamlessly blends traditional wisdom with modern approaches.

Janina, also the director of Cryoskin and Body, is an accredited Reiki Master and Access Bars Facilitator, offering a holistic and transformative healing experience. With a personal journey of healing from chronic fatigue/burnout 12 years ago, Janina discovered the power of modalities like ThetaHealing. Now, she dedicates herself to sharing this transformative knowledge, guiding others on their paths to health and well-being.

Trust in her experience and compassionate guidance for your well-being journey. With Janina, you are in the hands of a seasoned practitioner who seamlessly integrates her extensive knowledge, intuitive abilities, and compassionate heart into every healing session. Trust in the journey of transformation, guided by an expert dedicated to your well-being and empowerment.

“ThetaHealing is the modality that has created the most profound shifts in all areas of my life, including overcoming health challenges, finding my soulmate, deepening connections with my family and friends, increasing abundance, living with a healthy, positive mindset and living with ease and joy as my baseline. It is my passion to help more people experience the incredible benefits this therapy has to offer.”

–  Janina Hildebrand, Founder/CEO Cryoskin and Body

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ThetaHealing (online)

$Price : $140

DURATION: 30-60 min

  • 1x One-on-one ThetaHealing Session

financial healing (online)

$Price : $140

DURATION: 30-60 min

  • 1x One-on-one ThetaHealing Session
  • Reprogram your mind to blast away limiting beliefs and open the door to a more successful, happy and abundant life

Release Pain & Blocks (online)

$Price : $140

DURATION: 30-60 min

  • 1x One-on-one ThetaHealing Session
  • Release negative emotions and pain

Mind & Body Transformation

$PRICE : $1997


  • 5x CryoSlimming
  • 2x ThetaHealing
  • 5x P90 PEMF/TeraHertz/Infrared

Only: $1,997 (Regular $3275)